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Suzhou Bohongyuan Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D and production of single-sided and double-sided grinding and polishing equipment. The company is headquartered in No. 22, Aigehao Road, Weitang Town, Suzhou City, which is located in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle. In Suzhou, Lanzhou has a research and development center, with all kinds of machine equipment nearly 50 sets, more than 20 sets of testing instruments, meters, plant more than 11100 square meters.


Company is mainly engaged in the high precision of the single, double side grinding, polishing equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales, independent research and development of products are: 32 B, 28 B, 24 B, 22, 20, 16, 18 B B B B - 5-8, 16 B, 13.9 B, 13, 15, 16 s, 9 B B B, 6 B, 485, 360, such as single and double side grinding, polishing machine, CNC 48 worker phone panel appearance (glass, sapphire, and high precision processing equipment and automatic pouring machine panel. Mainly used in sapphire, blue glass, mobile phone panel, touch screen, optical optoelectronics, liquid crystal glass, semiconductor, all kinds of crystal, metal and other hard and brittle materials of single, double precision grinding, polishing processing.


The company is committed to equipment, technology, auxiliary materials as one of the equipment sales business; To provide domestic and foreign manufacturers of grinding, polishing machine spare parts (gear ring, sun wheel, disc, gear, etc.) sales business, undertake all kinds of research, polishing equipment overhaul business. We will be dedicated to provide customers with cost-effective products, fast delivery, timely and thoughtful service.


With strong technical force, reliable product quality and after-sales service system, the company has a number of customers at home and abroad, but also exported to Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

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Suzhou Bohongyuan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.




Persist in seeking truth and being pragmatic, judging the situation comprehensively and scientifically, seizing opportunities, meeting challenges, overcoming difficulties, and putting the foothold of accelerating enterprise development on real work. Committed to gaining recognition, respect and support from the public, customers, employees, and peers.



Adhere to the spirit of innovation to strengthen the construction and management of enterprises. Track the industry's advanced technology, continue to carry out technological innovation, and strive to achieve the goal of jointly improving the benefits of the entire value chain of enterprises, customers, suppliers and related stakeholders.


Hard work

Adhere to the establishment of a sense of superiority and crisis and crisis awareness, and establish the concept of "going against the current, retreating if you do not advance, and retreating slowly." This will promote everyone's desire to "strike", "strike" for all good ones, and "strike" for everything, forming a gratifying situation in which a hundred flowers compete for beauty, thousands of horses gallop, talents emerge in large numbers, and benefits increase.



Insist on loving one's job, fulfilling one's duties, and doing everything with heart; insisting on setting an example, making all-out efforts, dare to take responsibility and risk; insisting on studying hard, making progress, striving for perfection, continuous improvement, continuous surpassing, and committed to the sustainable development of the company.

Suzhou Bohongyuan Equipment Co., Ltd

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