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SP54-4DU Single side polishing machine (520 single side polishing machine)

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SP54-4DU Single side polishing machine (520 single side polishing machine)

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This machine is mainly used for single-sided polishing of sapphire sheet materials, and can also be used for single-sided high-precision and high-efficiency polishing of parallel planes of hard and brittle materials such as silicon carbide, quartz, silicon wafers, germanium wafers, lithium niobate, and glass.

The machine adopts touch interface and PLC control. Provide users with an open graphical control interface to give full play to the performance of the mechanical hardware; the main drive of the machine has the characteristics of short transmission chain, stability and reliability; the four upper throwing heads actively rotate, and the pressure control adopts the electric proportional valve to set arbitrarily, and each Each head can be controlled individually; the upper and lower throwing trays are forced to cool by circulating cooling water, and the temperature is controlled accurately.

Equipment transmission structure and layout

4.1 The main shaft system is located under the equipment. The motor drives the worm gearbox through a narrow V-belt. The gearbox is directly connected to the shaft to ensure its running accuracy. The bottom plate is positioned and supported by cross roller bearings, and the running rigidity and accuracy are obtained. In order to ensure a good guarantee, the lower part of the bottom plate shaft is equipped with a rotary joint, which is used to pass cooling water into the throw plate;

4.2 The upper polishing system head is located in the upper part of the equipment. The lifting and pressurization of the upper polishing head is realized by a cylinder. The upper plate is provided with a cooling water channel for cooling the upper polishing head. The rotation of the upper polishing head is directly driven by a geared motor through a gear;

4.3 There is a central guide wheel device that can be raised and lowered in the middle of the lower throwing plate, and four outer guide wheel devices are arranged at the edge of the liquid receiving basin, and the two can cooperate to realize the automatic positioning of the workpiece plate;

4.4 There is a main operation panel on the front of the upper beam of the equipment, which can perform parameter setting, operation monitoring and other functions. On the side of the beam, there are two small control panels for the lifting operations of the four upper throwing heads;

4.5 A liquid system is installed on the rear box of the equipment, with passages for cooling water, polishing liquid, and cleaning water for the upper and lower disks;

4.6 Front uprights are installed on both sides of the front box and crossbeam of the equipment for auxiliary support of the crossbeam. The height of the uprights can be adjusted slightly;

4.7 There are two oil filling ports on the right side of the box body, which are used for lubricating the two sets of bearings of the main shaft;

4.8 An infrared temperature measuring device is installed on the beam to monitor the temperature of the dish surface;

4.9 There is a slidable protective cover on the outside of the lower throwing plate, which can prevent the splashing of the working fluid and reduce the overflow of harmful gases;

4.10 The polishing liquid supply system has functions such as polishing liquid cooling and polishing liquid stirring;

4.11 Historical data (temperature, pressure, speed, time, etc.) can be exported

4.12 Hierarchical management of interface passwords, which can be set according to different permissions

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