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15BF-2M6P Precision double-sided plane polishing machine

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15BF-2M6P Precision double-sided plane polishing machine

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1. Main purpose

is mainly used for double-sided polishing of non-metallic hard and brittle materials such as mobile phone window glass, computer touch screen, optical glass, etc. It can also be used for double-sided polishing of hard and brittle materials such as semiconductor silicon wafers, ceramics, and computer support parts.

2. Product features:

1. Precise pressure control: PLC+PT + low friction cylinder to achieve precise pressure control;

2. Hanging damping device: a flexible connection method for damping both static and dynamic;

3. Precise transmission system: high-precision small backlash full gear transmission;

4. Lower plate support: high-precision structural bearing support to improve the accuracy and running stability of the equipment;

5. Pin gear drive: Pin gear drive is adopted for the inner and outer gears, the contact stress of the cruise wheel is small, the service life of the carrier is prolonged, and the maintenance is convenient;

6. ​​Transmission system: Two motors are driven synchronously. The speed of the upper and lower disks, ring gear, and sun gear (either forward or reverse) can be set arbitrarily, and it has a formula function.

Three, technical parameters

No. Item Specifications

1 Planetary piece parameters Pin gear transmission pitch: 15.7 Z=69

Quantity 6 pieces

2 Processing specifications Maximum size Φ323mm

Minimum size 0.2mm/Φ50mm

3 Accuracy index Flatness of upper and lower plate ≤0.035mm

Bottom plate end jump ≤0.06mm

4 Liquid supply device Stirring motor 120W AC380V

Liquid supply pump 1/4HP

Volume 40L (double layer)

5 Polishing disc size Φ1055×Φ415mm×30mm (cast iron)

6 Rotation speed Lower plate 0-60rpm

7 Drive power Drive motor 11KW AC380V 1460rpm 50Hz

8 Drive power Sun wheel motor 2.2KW AC380V 1430rpm 50Hz

9 Water source

Pure water or tap water

10 Power supply Power 14kW AC380V 50Hz

Cable specifications Three-phase five-wire system. 3×4mm²+2×2.5mm²

11 Air source pressure compressed air source 0.5-0.6Mpa

Takeover port diameter Φ10mm (outer diameter)

12 Dimensions

Length×width×height: 1900mm×1400mm×2880mm

13 weight

About 4300Kg

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